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We are dedicated to meeting your legal needs in a professional and friendly manner. Read what our clients and partners in the community have to say about their experience with Fitzwater Meyer Hollis & Marmion, LLP .

Thank you millions of times over for this accomplishment! It has made a huge difference in trying circumstances. I am deeply grateful for your legal expertise, knowledge of how to navigate our local systems, good reputation and good relationships (built over time!) -- all of which came together to serve the interests of one very sick, confused and hurting young man....along with those who love him. Thank you for your good work in this world.

- Client

Wes, I appreciate your friendship and the hard work that you and your staff have devoted to my dad´s material well being.

- Steve

Today Emily Hogan met with my 82 year old mother to start the process of drawing up a trust. For years my mom has been very resistant to doing anything like this. She even called me two hours before her appointment wanting to cancel. By tonight my mother was thanking me and telling me that she was very impressed with Emily. She was knowledgeable, very reassuring, and put my mom at ease about the whole process. Her treatment of my mother and her needs was stellar. Emily also did a will for my husband and me and we will recommend her to anyone we know who has a need for estate planning. She is a great credit to your law firm.

- Karla

We are very appreciative of Theressa Hollis for having generously given of her time, to locate and direct us to elder law presentations that were appropriate for business owners who needed to become more sensitive to, and knowledgeable about, elder abuse and legal capacity.

- Government Consumer Protection Attorney

Christian, Thank you so much and we have received the documents. My husband and I are very grateful for your work on our guardianship of our son. Everything was so straightforward and timely. We will certainly recommend you to folks in the future and will call upon you again if we need legal representation. Much appreciated and best regards.

- Meg

I thought I would follow up and let you know the reason that I referred my friends to you. A few years ago, I needed general guidance on a client’s trust matter. I called your firm out of the blue and asked to speak with one of your attorneys. I believe I was transferred to Melanie Marmion immediately. She gave great quick advice, and I was so appreciative of her time and her willingness to help someone she doesn’t even know. I’ve remembered your firm since then and have heard great things as well along the way.

- Victims Rights Law Center Attorney

Melanie, I just so appreciate all of your amazing work, support and such excellent legal representation, and being so great to work with. I never felt alone with the challenges that kept hanging over my head (new ones all the time throughout this marathon experience!), and have been so grateful to have you as the atty for the trust. The way you worked with everyone, the creative workarounds and always caring ethical approach to the situations that arose and the decisions to be made, brought great peace of mind.

- Molly

I really appreciate you and your firm. Working with you and everyone there is always a pleasure, and your pleadings are always perfect. I´m tempted to gush about you and your firm whenever I am asked. An inordinate amount of my time is spent dealing with attorneys who don´t understand probate and whose pleadings fall short. I cannot express how nice it is to have an entire firm of competent, friendly attorneys whose pleadings are always perfect.

- Local Probate Court Staff

In addition to your legal expertise, I also have to thank you for your integrity and for being such a nice person! I gave your business card to an acquaintance who is experiencing a similar family situation. While his may not reach the level of mine, I told him that I wish I had sought legal advice much earlier. Please know that you have a huge fan!

- Carol

I want to thank you for being such a kind, efficient and helpful lawyer.  Your direction and your pleasant and cheerful manner made everything easier.

- Betty

Theressa has provided on time expert advice in elder law issues over the years regarding a family member. She is also my personal attorney. She has acted with the highest level of integrity in all matters. I have recommended her to several friends and colleagues and will not hesitate to do so in the future. I specifically selected this firm at the recommendation of a friend who has been well served by them as well.

- Program Specialist at Multnomah County Dept. of County Human Services

I cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance with this. It has been extremely challenging for my family to navigate this transition, and I feel like we have finally arrived at a safe harbor. Hopefully, I will have a significantly reduced need for your expertise in the months ahead. If you or your firm ever need a client endorsement, you have an enthusiastic volunteer in me.

- Edward

The last year has been a challenging one, and all of your help in navigating through all of this has been invaluable. Thank you again for all of your amazing help and support. I will definitely be in touch for any/all future estate planning-related needs (and will recommend you to my friends too!).

- Alyssa

Recently I needed to resolve some issues concerning my Will and Trust. It was my good fortune to have Andrea Bachhuber assigned to me (or vice versa). Her input and suggestions were very helpful.

- Jeannette

Thank you for your legal expertise in advising about my dad´s and uncle´s estates, but thank you especially for all your patience in dealing with my uncle. It can be very frustrating, but you handled it in a very professional yet caring way!

- Cynthia

I feel very comfortable referring clients to your office. You do an efficient and professional job.

- Attorney

Theressa, I wanted to let you know I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my probate questions recently. As a newly practicing attorney and sole practitioner, it is often difficult to know how to proceed. The advice of an experienced attorney like you is invaluable. Thanks so much for your help!

- Local probate attorney

I would like to thank you for the great presentation you gave to the caregiver´s support group. You provided the group with valuable information, and your expertise in the field of law regarding seniors was greatly appreciated.

- Local Senior Center

I commend your receptionist, Anne. She made me feel really taken care of.

- Keith

We are thrilled with everything you have done. We know you went the extra mile for us. The relationship has been worthwhile to us.

- Bonnie

I appreciated the care and respect with which I was treated regarding the issue. The attorney was a great listener and treated me as a person and not just a client. I had many options to deal with and he helped me greatly in navigating to a solution I could live with.

- Client

Thank you all so very much for your professional and responsive service for my mother and her husband in creating/finalizing their Will and Estate.

- Donna

Your receptionist is competent and amazing. I trust her and respect her.

- Client

Theressa, I thank you for your interest and quick response when I was in the hospital with my son who has Autism. I feel you saved his life - they were ready for a court hearing and could have sent him away. Thank you again!

- Norma

Thank you very much for giving of your time, energy and expertise by participating in our ´Ask the Attorney´ Day. We appreciate you!

- National Multiple Sclerosis Society Oregon Chapter