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Working with a Questionably Competent Client

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This webinar was prepared and presented by Wesley D. Fitzwater of Fitzwater Meyer, LLP in 2015.

Working with a Questionably Competent Client – A 90-minute Online Training

Professionals are sometimes required to work with clients with impaired mental capacity, who may be questionably competent or who may be represented by someone in a fiduciary capacity. Wes Fitzwater, of Fitzwater Meyer Hollis & Marmion, and the Oregon Association of Realtors, presents a 90-minute program discussing: The various standards of legal capacity; Practical steps when working with a questionably competent client; Steps to be taken with an incapacitated client and how to report potential abuse; Legal tools such as powers of attorney, trusts, and conservatorships; The duties and liabilities of a fiduciary (POA, trustee, joint account holder) and the red flags of undue influence and elder abuse.

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